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Regit Express Free Version Regit Express Plus for Networks
Backup Utility

99 Departments
Imports Existing  Databases
Supports Countries Using Either the Dot/Period or the Comma as the Decimal Separator
Exports Databases
Three Sales Tax Levels
Either Tax Exclusive or Tax Inclusive Type sales
Bar Codes Scanner Support
Receipt Printer Support for both 80mm and 58mm printers
Your Logo Printed on Receipts
Includes Bar Code Label Printing Program (Regit Express Bar Code Labels)
Customer Accounts (Accounts Receivable)
Opens Cash Drawers
External Customer Display Support
Optional On-Screen Customer Display
Automatic Scale (Weighing) Interface
Random Weight Bar Code Support
Dual Store Capability (Immediately switch between two full, separate stores.)
Training Mode (Handy training mode lets you train, practice or test without affecting your live data.)
Quantities definable from 0 to 3 Decimal Places
User Definable Tender Categories
Split Tenders
Customer Database
Customer History
Line Item Sales History (tracks every item sold)
Quantity Pricing
Promotional Sale Pricing
Transaction Discounts
Tax Exempt Tracking
Tag Along/Carry Along Items
100 Password Levels
Auto Combine Like Items in Transaction
Employee Database
Endless Customizable Reports
SQL Database Access (with full query capabilities)
Save Created SQL Queries for Reuse
During Transaction Product Lookup by Product Code, Description, Department, or SKU
During Transaction Customer Lookup by Customer Code, Name, or Company
Credit/Debit Card Interface
Signature Capture Device Support
Pin Pad Support
Spreadsheet-Style Database Access
Easy Backup Utility
Recall Past Transactions
Reprint Past Receipts
Individual Item History
Customer Purchase History (both period sales totals and individual item past purchases)
Calculates Profit by Department
Calculates Inventory Value
Custom Receipt Wording (allows receipts to print in local languages)
Save "Open" Transactions
Employee Commissions
Customizable Common Note Value Currency Keys When Tendering
Print Bar Code Transaction Numbers on Receipts
Second (Networked) Register (if applicable)  
Third (Networked) Register (if applicable)  
Touch Screen Support
Customer Display on a Second Monitor
Product Image Lookup
Automatic Customer Pricing (4 Levels)
Automatically Email Customer Copies of Their Receipts  
Automatically Email End-of-Day Reports  
Customer Notes Stored
Regit Express Purchase Order Module
Customizable Cash Paid Out Printed Vouchers
Save and Recall Files of Commonly Sold Items
Prints Quotes/Estimates for Customers
Prints "Pick Lists"
Regit Express Scan List Android App
Regit Express Item Lookup Android App
Regit Express Stocktake Module (for checking and updating inventory with EZInventory)
Regit Express Remote Transaction App for Android Devices
Regit Express EZInventory Android App
Regit Express PO Partner Android App
Serial Number Tracking