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EZInventory Android App

Remote Transactions Android App

PO Partner Android App






Android Device & Scanner

Regit+ Scan List App

Regit Express BlueTooth Listener


Item Lookup App

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Regit Express EZInventory App (regitez.apk 1.3) Download
Regit Express EZInventory User Manual Download
Regit Express Remote Transactions App (regit.apk 1.3) Download
Regit Express Remote Transactions User Manual Download
Regit Express PO Partner App (regitpo.apk 1.3) Download
Regit Express PO Partner User Manual Download
Regit Express Scan List App (scanlist.apk 1.1) Download
Regit Express Scan List User Manual Download
Scan List Standalone Bluetooth Print Listener Download
Regit Express Item Lookup (lookup.apk 1.0) Download
Regit Express Item Lookup User Manual Download

Regit Express .apk Version History


Regit Express EZInventory App

Regit Express EZInventory for Android Devices updates your inventory by adding to, subtracting from, or replacing the inventory quantities. You simply scan the items and transfer the list of items by way of Bluetooth or your charging cable. Then use the Regit Express utility program to read the file and update the inventory quantities.  EZInventory is also designed to work directly with the Regit Express Plus Stocktake Module.


Regit Express Remote Transactions App

The Regit Express Remote Application provides pre-scanning merchandise to prevent or alleviate congestion at a busy register. One employee can be scanning items while another can be quickly checking out customers. Scanned merchandise is sent to the register by way of Bluetooth. The function works totally in the background and does not disturb the cashier's operation. When ready, the cashier simply pulls up a transferred file which automatically populates the transaction with the scanned items. The cashier is then free to make any adjustments to the transaction prior to tendering.


Regit Express PO Partner App

Regit Express PO Partner for Android Devices creates or updates your purchase orders by supplying or adding to the purchase order quantities. You simply scan the items you want to order, then transfer the list of items by way of Bluetooth or your charging cable. Then use the Regit Express Plus's Purchase Order Module to create or update your purchases.


Regit Express Scan List App

The Regit Express Scan List for Android Devices prints a bar code list for customers to present to the cashier during checkout. The list is useful wherever side type sales are taking place. Examples include meat counters, yardage stations, deli or other fast food areas, bakery items, lumber yards, classroom settings, prescription drug counters, film development counters, or anywhere bulk items are sold. The cashier simply scans the items on the list during checkout. Each register is equipped with a Bluetooth print listener so they can print out a scan list. Additionally, standalone print listeners are available for downloading on our web site. This allows scan lists to be printed anywhere and from as many locations as needed.


Regit Express Item Lookup App

The Regit Express Item Lookup App for Android Devices provides remote access to product information. The database of inventory items is created from the Regit Express Office and then transferred to the Android device. Inventory items can then be easily looked up by entering a partial description or partial product code for the item.



Android Devices

While these Applications will undoubtedly work with many or most Android devices, it will equally not work with some. So, please do not go out and purchase a new device for use with the Regit Express Remote App that we have not tested or have received working reports from users.

You can download and install with most Android devices directly from this download.  However, some Android versions will not allow direct installing when the .apk was not from the Google Play Store.  If you do not know how to install an Android App (.apk installation file) that is not from Google Play Store, refer to the Instruction Manual for those instructions.


You will also need Regit Express Version or above (Version 2.26 PO Module for PO Partner App).  Upgrade patch free downloads are at www.free-pos-software.com/patch.htm


APi Tested working Android Devices:

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android Version 5.0.1)
Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android Version 6.0.1)
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android Version 6.0.1)
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android Version 7.0)
Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite (SM-T113, Android Version 4.4.4)
Amazon's Kindles/Fire (Fire 5th Generation)**


User Reported working Android Devices:

Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H (Android Version 4.4.4)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T231 (Android Version 4.4.2)


Tested NOT working Devices:

*Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (Model SM-T110, Android Version 4.2.2)

*Apparently the Galaxy Tab 3 does not have external keyboard functionality.

**Kindles/Fires works either in full soft keyboard mode or bar code mode, but not both like most android devices.  Once a scanner is connected, the softkey input no longer functions.  However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as using a "30 number sheet" to scan quantities in is much more efficient than stopping to enter quantities via the soft keyboard.



The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -- Our Bluetooth Adapter Story.

A good Bluetooth adapter can save you loads of time transferring files, while a poor adapter can make your life miserable.

When we first started working with Bluetooth devices we purchased three cheap Bluetooth USB adapters (dongles) for about $6 each. Our first experiences transferring files with Bluetooth was very problematic. Constant repairing, failed transfers, and confused adapters were making us reconsider Bluetooth as a viable file transfer alternative.

We then noticed that our Android devices had no problems transferring files between themselves, it was just the PC's that were having the problems. We immediately suspected our cheap dongles and purchased a PCI Bluetooth card to try. We never got the card working at all on either Windows 7 or Windows 10. We tossed the card in the trash.

We scoured the web for reviews looking for a quality Bluetooth device. We couldn't really find any reliable information on what was a quality device and what was not. So we gave up and purchased another, more expensive USB adapter. Problem was solved, the new dongle worked perfectly.

We don't want to mention any brand names here. But if you are interested in the USB adapter (dongle) that finally solved our problems, send us an email and we will get back to you with the brand/model we are using. We paid $13.99 on Amazon.



Regit Express Android Applications Upgrade History

Version 1.1  (3 July 2017) (Regit+ Scan List)

Version 1.0 would not allow having both the EZInventory App and the Scan List App on the same device.  This version corrects that. You will need to manually uninstall the previous Scan List App or version 1.0 will remain on the device (Settings, Apps, Application Manager, Regit+ Scan List, Uninstall).


Version 1.3  (8 Apr 2017) (Remote T's, PO Partner, & EZInventory)

--Added a "Save" button to the program so users who do not have Bluetooth, or want to manage the transfer of the files (called sharing in Android) by other means may do so.


--Improved the soft key input capabilities for non Bar Code use.


Version 1.2  (4 Apr 2017) (Remote T's, PO Partner, & EZInventory)

Fixed an issue with Bluetooth not working on devices that received upgrades to Android 7 (Nougat).


Version 1.1 (13 Mar 2017) (Remote T's, PO Partner, & EZInventory)

Added a feature to automatically save and restore ongoing data when user leaves, quits, or goes to another App.